What is Tantra massage?

It is a practice that will promote your well-being, take you into a state of deep relaxation and help resolve any sexual problems. Tantra massage uses sexual energy by massaging Lingam and Yoni spots and it helps to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Tantric massage uses various techniques, which include use of hands, forearms and other parts of the body.
Tantra massage is performed on the mat, maintaining the required standards.

  • Lingam Tantra If you want to step onto the path of personal development, if you want to celebrate spiritual and bodily closeness with us, if you need to boost your vital energy, relaxation and sensuality, than Tantra massage is just for you.
  • Yoni Tantra Allow yourself to experience a moment of bliss and relaxation. Let us take you to the world of magical touch, which will not only inspire your body but also take you to higher levels of love and care. Whilst enjoying this amazing massage, you will renew the flow of your vital energy.
  • Ritual Tantra Is directed to people who want to get to know the tantric massage with rituals better. The mood and atmosphere during this session is at a high spiritual and energetic level, which will allow you to achieve the depth of relaxation.
  • Sensual Touch Tantra This massage is addressed to both men and women, who want to experience exceptionally intense experience by a double celebration of Lingam and Yoni places that gather strength and spiritual energy within the body.
  • 4 Hands Tantra This massage is designed for individuals who wish to enjoy the magic touch of two masseuses in one tantra session. Our masseuses will take you into a place where all the worries and problems of everyday life become invalid, whilst providing sensory stimulation of the body, mind and soul.
  • Tantra massage for couples Allow yourself and your partner to unleash the true potential of divine sexuality, love and ecstasy. This massage will allow you to experience unique and deep sensation in the same or two separate rooms. The ritual can offer a whole new intensity of sexual feelings, sensuality and pleasure. After the massage you leave our place relaxed and you will see each other in the whole different dimension of intimacy, filled with love, positive energy and joy.
  • Polynesian relaxation massage It is a massage for people looking for relaxation, tranquility, freedom and happiness. Hawaiian massage techniques will help you relax the muscles and remove the tension accumulated inside the body. The massage is performed on the table in a peaceful atmosphere accompanied by music and candle lights.
  • Classic Massage It is a more powerful massage, which uses more compression, stretching various parts of the body. It is performed with slow or fast moves that stimulate the muscles and help to release any tensions throughout the body promoting faster recovery.

Benefits of Tantra massage:

  • helps in getting rid of complexes,
  • facilitates self-acceptance,
  • teaches how to express emotions and feelings,
  • releases internal energy and opens to your own needs,
  • is a way to learn about your own sexuality and needs,
  • brings harmony in every sphere of life,
  • improves relationships between partners, also intimate,
  • releases tension and deeply relaxes the body,
  • brings joy and vitality,
  • strengthens sensitivity,
  • strengthens self-esteem and beauty,
  • rejuvenates the body,
  • strengthens the sense of integration with the surrounding world,
  • strengthens the sense of integration with your own interior,
  • helps heal relationships with loved ones,
  • helps in making decisions,
  • heals negative experiences,
  • releases from learned and negative patterns
  • opens to life in love

Types of Tantra massage

Tantra lingam

Lingam is an ancient massage with the origins in the ancient tantric tradition. It is dedicated to men who want to expand body awareness. The ceremony takes place in a strictly defined way, in the intended ritual conditions. During the massage, there are candles and sounds of relaxing music. Tantric massage with particular emphasis on individual needs and the lingam zone guarantees an extremely deep bodily and spiritual experience. It releases people and opens them to an increase self-acceptance and deeper understanding of themselves, their body and tantric spheres. If men open themselves completely to liven up the whole lingam, they can experience extraordinary spirituality, transformation, which in combination with the opening of the body leads to extraordinary relaxation. A gentle, diverse massage activates the energetic points on the man's body, leads to a harmonic flow of energy and stabilizes the body-spiritual balance. If you want to travel the path to personal development, if you want to celebrate spiritual and bodily closeness with us, if you need life energy, relaxation, sensuality, then tantric lingam massage is just for you.

Tantra Joni

The massage is based on the tantric tradition and the concept of Taoist sexual energy. Relaxation of the whole body and Joni zone through extremely sensual massage with the use of oils, beautiful relaxing music and candles. Joni's temple ritual massage can help a woman regain fullness and joy of life, unlock emotions and heal the body. The massage aims to release blocked energy and open our Joni to a new dimension of unexplored pleasures that you have never dreamed of before. The massage works therapeutically. It unlocks new energy in the body and improves emotional state. It is waiting for you to connect with your own body and discover its holiness. Depending on the needs and readiness of the woman - the massage is performed with varying intensity. The essence of massage is the experience of psychophysical transformation that will enable connection between spirituality and corporeality. Allow yourself a moment of forgetfulness, rest and relaxation. Let yourself move into the world of magical soft touch that will move not only your body but also introduce you to a higher level of love and care. Enjoying this amazing massage, you will renew the flow of your life energy.