Salon Mandala regulations

1. A visit to our salon without prior reservation does not guarantee the possibility of using our services.

2. Due to the possibility of contacting clients in emergencies that are beyond our control, such as delays, breakdowns, etc., people calling from private numbers are asked to confirm their visit via SMS. 

3. It is prohibited to film, photograph and share the image of our salon without obtaining the consent of authorized persons.

4. It is forbidden to touch masseuses or require other services than those that are in the salon offer.

5. Salon employees have the right to refuse the massage in case of:

  • serious illness of the client,
  • a client being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs,
  • lack of maturity,
  • infectious diseases and skin diseases,
  • when a person does not take care of their own hygiene.

6. The masseuse has the right to ask to leave our premises in case the client is aggressive, offers sexual services or, against our rules, touches the person performing massage.

7. The delay in appointment is 15 minutes. Without notifying our salon of being late, the visit will be canceled after this time.

8. People who have arranged massage sessions and have not arrived without notice will not be served by our salon in the future.

9. Salon Mandala is not a place where erotic massages are performed.